Recently the Government has relaxed some of the lock down restrictions introduced to help combat the spread of Corona Virus. These restrictions continue to impact greatly on the martial arts sector, with tuition being restricted to virtual lessons, or small outdoor lessons. It does  seem likely though that face to face martial arts lessons may soon be able to recommence. The Club has therefore developed a policy that presents how it plans to emerge from lock down arrangements and commence delivering lessons again. This policy is called the Exit-Strategy and COVID Policy (ESCP) and has been developed with the help of the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association.

You can download our ESCP here

The national situation is still fluid, and this means that our Club will continually need to review and amend the policy. We therefore ask that all students and parents firstly, to read the current policy, and secondly revisit this site to receive notification of any amendments. As always, we encourage you all to ask  questions if you are unsure about the current, or any future content.

We are a COVID Aware Martial Arts Club. We will therefore do everything we can to promote hygiene, and safe practice when our lessons eventually resume.